How Do You Answer This Important Question:
What Does a Follower of Jesus
Look Character?
Discover the 8 Markers that Will Refocus Your Christian Life & Leadership

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Do You Display the DNA of Jesus?
DNA Answers These Questions:
  • Why do so many Christians not look like Jesus?
  •  Is there more to following Him than do's and don'ts?
  •  How should we measure success in the Church?
  •  What ARE the essential traits of a disciple of Jesus?
Isn't It Time to...
  •  Simplify, Clarify and Focus Your Spiritual Life?
  •  Raise up Christian leaders who make disciples?
  •  Recover the reason for the Church's existence?
  •  Honestly ask each other, "Are we identifiable as biblical followers of Jesus Christ?

Note from the Author

As a pastor for more than 20 years, with a heart to see my people grow and my church made healthy, I’ve gotten tired of sawdust filled studies that are “plug and play,” maybe interesting, occasionally even Bible-based (!) but which do not contribute to the great purpose of making disciples.
But it’s kinda hard to “make a disciple” when you’ve never identified what exactly a disciple is, what they look like, and who they are at their core.
And until we have that target clearly in mind, how do we even know what our people need to study and where they need to grow?
That's why I wrote this book.
I'm not terribly concerned if you agree precisely with my 8 Traits. But I do challenge you to get a clear picture of what a disciple is and does, and to live accordingly, in His strength.
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